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Lauren H. said – Everyone is always so nice and make going to the dentist fun!!!


Pam Weller said- Thank you so much for your patience with Anna during the extraction. I am so grateful. I cannot tell you how many times over the past years I’ve had people ask me why I take my kids “all the way from Wakefield to Cary.” I tell them because Drs. Elliott and Molina are a perfect match. If any one of those people could have seen you with Anna on 10/03 they’d never ask that question again.


Lillie and Andrew W. said about Vanessa – She was so kind, patient and accommodating. She made us feel very comfortable and loved. Our mommy is so thankful for her calm and reassuring spirit. She took her time to carefully explain what she was doing to us and to teach mommy what to expect with the both of us. Thank you.


Stacey P. said about Lynnette– Excellent! She was so great with my “high anxiety” child, Sophie today. Very calming and sweet. Very pleasant explanation. Thank you!


Kathy D. said about Sonia – Of her friendliness and we got the full tour!


Amy B. said about Lynnette – She is so patient and friendly! We love her!


Amy, Madison and Julie D. said about Vanessa, Brian and Nanette – ALL AMAZING! Great staff! Love Dr. Robert Elliott


Anne S. said about Sherri – so patient w/Daniel W.


Amy O. said about Lynnette – Lynnette managed to get a full cleaning on Colin who has had to be “strapped in the net” on previous visits – she was calm, gentle and patient w/him!


Coral A. said about Sherri – She was so sweet and helpful!


Freda D. said about Sonia – of how she persevered to get x-rays on Joshua’s teeth. Calm, patient and determined! Thank you!


Marian E. said about all staff and Drs. Elliott and Molina – of the treatment and hospitality we receive when we come for a visit. They all make us feel welcome and special. We love you all!


Amanda M. said about Monica – She is kind, friendly and patient.  She made my daughter feel so at ease!


Barbara Deaton said about Vanessa – I appreciate her playing with Jonathan while I talked with Dr. Elliott. Thank you everyone, you guys are great!


Darren M. said about Sonia – She goes way above and beyond the expectation and Noah does just great with her! Thank you


Zoey B. said about Lynnette – Outstanding work for a tough cleaning. Thank you!


MaryEllen said about Sonia – She has awesome patience – especially with my son, David, who never stops talking. I also appreciate her explanations of treatments.


Laura C. said about Lynnette – Wonderful w/Cat, as always and put up with John Ryan.


Laura C. said about Vanessa – She put up with John Ryan opening every cabinet and pushing every button in the office!


Susan W. said about Vanessa – Very patient with Ryan who has a hard time with the dentist. Thanks!


Heather M. said about Vanessa and Dr. Molina – Dr. Molina was so friendly and looked at my baby even though she didn’t have an appointment yet. Vanessa helped us find toothpaste my child would tolerate – she hates toothpaste.


Katelyn W. said about Vanessa – She is sooooo nice!


Annie F. said about Sonia – since I don’t like Mr. Thirsty she was very careful and she let me spit in a cup and when she used Mr. Thirsty I didn’t have to close my mouth. She was very nice!


Jeri H. said about Vanessa – She was very patient with Cameron. Cameron started to get scared and she talked Cameron through it. Great job!!


Robert R. said about Dr. Elliott – He was so wonderful and helpful! Thank you!


Adamilka W. said about EVERYONE!! – Every time Alexandra comes in it has been very positive and pleasant. She loves coming to visit the dentist!!


Sonya D. said about Vanessa – of her thoroughness with explaining every step of the cleaning to my daughter and making it fun!!


Alex B. said about Sonia – She was great, patient and understanding when I was a little scared.


Carrie W. said about Vanessa – for her kindness to all 3 of my girls. We all enjoy seeing her for our visits.


Donna H. said about everyone – My children love this office.  They toy drawer and sticker selection can’t be beat!  It’s nice to bring them to such a warm environment that really eases their fears.


Karen G. said about Sonia – She did a great job keeping Sarah relaxed and confident all would be over soon. Sarah said, “She was nice!”


Kenzie and Addie C. said about Sabrina – She’s super nice and she plays games with us!


Anne S. said about Sonia – She has the patience of a saint! My 2 year old made it through cleaning due to her skills with kids. Thanks!


Shannon R. said about Sherri – Thank you for helping Emily through her sealants with extra patience.


Bryn E. said about Sonia – She cleaned my teeth and helped me clean “my patients” teeth and gave me cool supplies to take home and “work.”


Christina said about Vanessa – She was so nice and took good care of me. She let me wear purple glasses and (most of all) was sweet to my baby sister.


MaryEllen K. said about Dr. Elliott and Sonia – They were fabulous when David had his first cavity filled. The explanations were right on his level, and it was a pleasant experience.


Katelyn W. said about Vanessa – She was so nice to me and my sisters.


Rachel S. said about Sonia – I will come back and see you. Please do my teeth again. You were so nice.


Anne S. said about Sonia – She was so patient and flexible in helping Cooper understand the process and the visit was successful because of her patience and professionalism.


Amy O. said about Sonia – Allowing us to observe Jack’s sealants and being very friendly and kind to younger brother.


Tammy and Julia S. said about Sonia – She was so patient and understanding with my daughter who was very reluctant. Thank you for working with her!


Beverly D. said about Sonia – She was so patient with Roxie today.


Becca Al. said about Sonia – She is always so nice and is always happy when I see her. I always like going to the dentist.


Monique Y. said about Vanessa – She was really nice and sweet and makes going to the dentist more relaxing and fun.


Monique Y. said about Sonia – dropped chest napkin on the floor threw in trash and used another. Great job! Keep up the good work. I love a clean environment.


Evan G. said about Vanessa – She complimented my teeth and was friendly. She was also a state fan. GO STATE!


Katie H. said about Sonia and Dr. Molina – Such great TLC!


Glen R. said about Dr. Molina and Sonia – Pain free root canal and crown for my 7 year old son. I’ve had this work as an adult and couldn’t believe how easy they made it look – Thank you!


Maria S. said about “Every single person on your staff” – They are all so helpful and great! I’m always happy with everyone here!!


Brian A. said about “Everyone who helped Emily get her bitewings” – Emily Really needed to get through her x-rays, or she would never have done it. Thanks for going the extra mile!


Marien E. said about Dr. Molina, Dr. Elliott and all staff – You all are the most compassionate group of people I have even met and may God bless all of you! My family is very blessed to know all of you! We love you all! THANK YOU!!


Nicolle P. said about Sherri – Dealing with a squirmy 3 year old so patiently. Thanks!


Dr. Ashley said about “Everyone at Cary Pediatric Dentistry” – I had such a blast this week! Thank you so much for being so welcoming and friendly and for answering all my questions – you all are the best!


Bronwyn B. said about Dr. Molina – helping John Ryan have a fabulous first visit to the dentist and letting Nick continue to have a great time here!


Maria S. said about Cary Pediatric Dentistry – You have a great staff and Dr. Elliott and Dr. Molina are awesome!


Jack L. said about Dr. Moran and Dr. Elliott – He quickly forwarded our emergency text to Dr. Elliott who called us back to help with Jack. Thank you. You both helped terrified parents feel much better about an awful situation!


Steven P. said about Dr. Elliott – He did the worm for my birthday!


Denise M. said about Dr. Elliott – Searching for the perfect prize for my son


Karen H. said about “all of you” – You are all so sweet!


Tami P. said about our dental assistant today – They make my kids love coming to the dentist. They are so sweet and patient!


Heather A. said about Lacy – Helpful with setting up appointments and discussing at length different options.


Steve B. said about Lacy – Very pleasant and helpful in explaining everything to us and getting us checked out successfully!


Denise M. said about Lacy – Helped me straighten my paperwork.


Ellen G. said about Lacy – She worked so hard to get Maggie an appointment for her filling. We had to cancel the 1st appointment due to my back going out and they helped us reschedule for less than a week’s time.


Stefan L. said about Lacy – She took the time to talk to my credit card company about a charge that did not go through. She spent 10 minutes on the phone trying to work everything out!


Paige P. said about Lacy – You have an excellent choice in hiring.


Caren M. said about Lacy – Working us in to an appointment at the last minute during our Spring Break. Thanks!


Catherine S. said about Lynnette – She took such great care of my son, Evan, because of your gentle spirit he experienced no anxiety and had a pleasant experience.


Vicky O. said about Lynnette – She was very patient and really thought out of the box to make Lauren feel comfortable and she did a fantastic job cleaning Lauren’s teeth. Thanks!


Madison M. said about Lynnette – She was very kind and taught me how to floss correctly. Also she was very gentle when she worked on my teeth.


Stacey P. said about Lynnette – Excellent! She was great with my “high anxiety” child, Sophie today. Very calming and sweet! Very pleasant experience. Thank you!


Jacqueline B. said about Lynnette – She got a lot of plaque off my 2 year old with no screaming or crying. Really well done.


Ann B. said about Lynnette – She realized Christina didn’t need bitewing x-rays due to good visualization of her teeth after the baby teeth came out. Thanks!


Amy O. said about Lynnette – Lynnette managed to get a full cleaning on Colin who has had to be “strapped in the net” on previous visits. She was calm, gentle and patient with him!


Lauren C. said about Lynnette – Wonderful with Cat as always and puts up with John Ryan.


Zoey B. said about Lynnette – Outstanding work for a tough cleaning. Thank you!


Misti M. said about Lynnette – She is awesome!


Nikki H. said about Lynnette – Very friendly, nice, gentle and clean braces very nicely!


Vicky O. said about Lynnette – She is very patient, great at her job and very friendly.


Samantha B. said about Sonia – She was so patient and kind with Bea while she was getting her sealants today. She also handled all our questions and we had lots. Thank you!


Desiree J. said about Sonia – Amazing woman and professional.


Ellen B. said about Sonia – She took extra special care of Hope and helped make today a great visit. Thank you!!


Sandra V. said about Sonia – She never lost her patience with my son who was clearly making it difficult for her to clean his teeth.


Lillie and Andrew W. said about Sonia – She was incredibly patient, kind and understanding.


Maria and Sarah S. said about Sonia – She took care of Sarah with pleasure. A wonderful personality and really had an interest in Sarah!


Jack M. said about Sonia – She was really good in calming me down and pulling out my tooth. Thank you!!!!!


Nikki B. said about Sonia – Great help with getting Sarah through 1 tooth sealant! Think that she will be much better the next time around since she approached the procedure so positively.


Robin B. said about Sonia – She’s patient and kind! Works great for our dental needs!


Paige P. said about Vanessa – She is so great to the girls and goes above and beyond everyday service. You have the best office people around.


Courtney B. said about Vanessa – She was wonderful when cleaning my daughter’s teeth – “drawing letters, etc”. She had tons of tricks – my daughter didn’t even know she had anything done.


Sarah and Maria said about Vanessa – Thanks for making Sarah’s sealants go so well!


Heidi O. said about Vanessa – Thank you for the excellent job with Allison.


Rachel S. said about Vanessa – You are nice and very gentle. Thank you for making my mouth not feel so silly!


Isabella M. said about Vanessa – Lots of fun and very nice. Thank you!


Andrea I. said about Vanessa – She was so patient and kind to my son Gunnar. He was so scared and when he left he was showing off his teeth. Thanks!


Marti D. said about Vanessa – She is always great! We have had her for almost every visit – we love seeing her smiling face.


Hannah M. said about Vanessa – She really helped me when I was scared. I am not scared anymore!


Desiree J. said about Vanessa – She was amazing and got Olivia’s teeth cleaned and was able to get her first x-rays. Yeah!!


Lillie and Andrew W. said about Vanessa – She was incredibly patient, kind, supportive and gentle.


Stephanie S. said about Vanessa – a star recognition for getting Lucas settled to have his teeth brushed.


Maria and Carson S. said about Sherri – She made Carson’s visit wonderful and really was interested in what he had to say! Great personality!


Chris and Erin said about Sherri – They were so patient with Erin!


Julia M. said about Sherri – Thank you for being so kind and gentle in explaining procedures to my daughter. What a fantastic office for kids to come.


Elizabeth R. said about Sherri – She was very patient with Logan even as he was reluctant to play with equipment and get started with his cleaning.


Jon S. said about Sheila – So very kind and caring while putting sealants on Gracie’s teeth. She is awesome!!



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Our mission is to provide specialized and comprehensive care for infants, children, and adolescents in a friendly, safe, and state-of-the-art environment with a focus on prevention and education for the families. Dr. Elliott, Dr. Molina, and our TEAM are here to positively change this generation’s view of going to the dentist, one child at a time.

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"You all are the best!  Our girls have been fortunate to have been cared for by the entire team and we will miss seeing you.  We hope that our grandchildren will be able to be patients (when the time comes!)  Thanks to everyone!"

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